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14 Feb

Villa Loto,Enchanting Bali

Set in Ubud, Bali, Villa Loto is a stunning traditional Balinese dwelling nestled within a tropical garden. The villa features a luxuriously appointed pavilion with en-suite bedroom, living room and bathroom and two suites with en-suite bathrooms. The Villa is fitted with made to measure furniture, design details and high quality appliances. Enjoy the couch area or gazebo just next to the pool and with a nice breeze from the outdoor ambiance. A large garden is the perfect outdoor venue for your playground or just relaxing. The pool area offers the highlight of this beautiful place. With just a few steps from your room, dip into the refreshing waters or just stay relaxed on the pool sun lounger. Some...
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20 Oct

Glitch, Fusion of Gabbeh and Glitch Art

T he inspiration for this latest collection, designed for Zollanvari International, is an ingenious fusion of traditional Gabbeh iconography and Glitch art – a visual style characterized by using digital or analog errors for aesthetic purposes, whether that be intentional (that is, “faking glitch” and obtaining a similar aesthetic through design) or by accident (a true manifestation inside of the system without human intervention). The term ‘glitch’ itself originates with engineers and astronauts explaining faults within the technology they were working with. But the visual aesthetic can be traced much further back, to the beginning of the 20th century through distorted forms in cubist paintings, abstract short films, and pixel-like rug designs akin to 8-bit video...
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25 Jun

Restyling, Milan Penthouse

T he addition of a floor to cieling library, featuring an industrial look, was the perfect choice to visually separate the living room from the dining area of this penthouse located in the city centre. The black metal finish enhances the photo collection on the wall. The shelves host the books and several art pieces and objects collected by the owners around the world. Form meets function, opening the space to light and air.  

Simple and stylish. This is our way to design

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30 May

R/Evolution,TriD Tricot

As partner of TREVIRA, the Studio has conceived a 3D textile surface weaved with a Trevira CS fibre combined with a low melt yarn. The density of the tri-dimensional pattern can be modulated according to the project needs.This new textile surface and concept is ideal for both residential and office applications and responds adequately to following concerns:_sound-absorption_aesthetics_complying to flame retardant requirements_easy installation even in existing layouts  

As designers we care about people.The Trevira CS brand identifies the permanently flame-retardant fabrics for a safe, attractive and comfortable environment.

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1 Mar

Leoni Guardiani,75 Years Jubilee

Iranian Switzerland-based firm Zollanvari celebrates a jubilee anniversary in 2022; this year marks 75 years of rug excellence and innovation for the well-respected brand. The company is a market leader, always pushing design and production boundaries to stay ahead of the rug crowd, a concept clearly demonstrated by the mighty Lion collection. SoFarSoNear Studio has a long lasting collaboration with Zollanvari for whom the Studio has designed various award winning collections. The Lion is part of the company's heritage, chosen for the 75th Anniversary. With the aim to communicate and further strengthen Zollanvari's image, SoFarSoNear has created a baroque inspired design but featuring a contemporary color palette.  [eltd_blockquote text="We have never shied away from trying something new, pushing the...
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22 Nov

Branding: Lo.Mazzaron

Since more than 20 years, Lo.Mazzaron is dealing with the research of shooting locations, for the most prestigious brands from the design and fashion world. The agency is a reference in Italy, for the professionalism, confidentiality and prestigious works is able to deliver. SoFarSoNear Studio job was to design the logo and the image of the agency, especially the presentation outlook, aligned to the level of quality and prestige of clients and locations.  

We aim to design as expression of creativity revealing the natural skills of author and executor

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