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29 Nov


In a world marked by demographic and technological transformations, this trend channels a desire for a noiseless, empty neutral space.  There‘s an increasing need for individuality, safety and a sense of well-being. The house becomes a nest, that isolates and protect us. The colours are soft and subtle with nuances that reminds us of haze and dusk.  Maroon and a saturated pink give warmth to a rather cool palette. Material and finishes are translucid, opaque, diaphanous, providing a calm and relaxed environment.

Solitude and silence are the ultimate luxury.

Source: Mix Magazine, Trends in Contract by Trevira CS. Photos: Mix Magazine, Interior Design, SoFarSoNear...
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28 Nov


In a world that feels ever more threatening, a little diversion and distraction is attractive indeed. Movement, improvisation, surprise. This trend is expressed creatively in experimental approaches to materials, colours, products and styles. In terms of design, it is joyful and informal, sometimes extravagant.  The colour palette features vibrant yellow, fuchsia and emerald green combined with faded black and sand to give a dramatic effect. Materials and finishes are visually exciting. No more soft and subtle, but glossy and iridiscent. The house is exuberant, hedonistic and reflects the importance of living in the moment.

The message delivered by the exuberant mood is: Visual impact is all.

Source: Mix Magazine, Trends in Contract by Trevira CS. Photos: Mix...
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27 Nov


In a world marked by pollution, environmental disasters and where the ecosystem is in danger due to our irresponsible behaviour, this trend reflects a desire to protect and preserve the environment for the greater good.  The house is sustainable, eco and balanced; mindful and modest. In this context it‘s not only innovative approaches to recycling that play a role, but also a hand-made artisanal look, which expresses a respect for traditional craftsmanship and manufacture. The colours are soft and warm. Natural colours inspired by earth and greenery,  harmonising with anthracite, sky blue and a lighteer accent of rose.  Material and finishes comes from nature, like wood, raw and natural. Textiles are characterized by surfaces of vital and natural...
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26 Nov


This trend aims to highlight the cultural importance of disseminating ideas around the world while cherishing and preserving identity. The house is an expression of our origins, celebrates our roots and at the same time is a mix of other cultures. One noticeable feature of this trend is the idea that we don‘t just live with our furniture, we also relate it to our memories and story. This stylistic universe has a colour palette that combines leached-out tints with more vital hues. On the one hand, more neutral shades such as blue ashes, faded plum and pale pink mix with intense ochre and jade green. [eltd_blockquote text="Original has a dual meaning. It is intended as first, existing from the...
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25 Nov

Milan,Apartment in Brera

Living "in Brera", as they say in Milan, is a real privilege. The area is one of the richest in history and beautiful architecture of the past, but also of premises in front of which in the evening there is a young crowd that celebrates the ritual of meeting again. Therefore, our project goal was not only to create the right interior, but also to protect the privacy of the owners from possible noise outside. The apartment has a surface of 150 square meter and is located on the sixth floor of a modern building. The owners, a couple of professionals, love to collect ojects and art during their travels. Entrance, large living room, kitchen, master bedroom, guest room...
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25 Nov

Award winning,Trompe l’Oeil Collection

Kilim rugs are world re-known for the simplicity of the sign and the unique flat tapestry weaving. SoFarSoNear idea was to inject a little Italian style and combine the traditional handcraft with the motifs familiar to the Italian iconography. A true fusion between East and West, between the classical motifs of two great cultures, Persia and Italy. What makes the project so unique is also the use of sophisticated UV print to transfer the photographic images onto the rugs. Innovation and tradition, modernity and history, both representing the two faces of the time we live in. The collection features different themes: 'Sicilian Baroque' with the typical facades of the churches and palaces of Sicily, 'Roman Empire' with temples and statues,...
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